Have you ever truly felt lost? I have realized that everyone who loves reading always cooks up a magical life in their minds.Beautiful. Dramatic. Deep. Emotional. Lively. Special. Different.

I am that person.

In my mind when i am like 50, i am going to live in a forest, doing Yoga with my Dog and own a tree house with a library. Crisp and fresh. Β Yup kinda unrealistic. kinda odd.

What will i do before i get to 50? TRAVEL. I want to experience and loose myself to diverse cultures. I want to indulge in every single cuisine. I want to walk every edge of the oceans and seas. I want to immerse myself in their cool chilling water bodies.

Imagine this; Sitting on a boat and bopping along calmly. In that moment you wouldn’t think of it but the reality is that just underneath you is a whole new world. Life and mystery beyond the knowledge of human kind. This to me, is liberating. It is exhilarating because it proves that their is always more…

Thus i believe i have not truly discovered myself. There is more… to me than i can explain and that is why i believe that i am lost.


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