Look into the horizon… fragments of the draught can be seen, showcased with large amounts of dust lifting into the air and swirling into mini tornados. They form dancing devils beacause oh trust me you dont want to get stuck in that, i tell you, not that its as dangerous as an actaul Tornado but its quite painful for your eyes and skin with dust particles and sand smacking against you. Although it creates a beautiful scenery for a hot afternoon here in the wild as i stare out from my balcony in Kibo villa at Ol Tukai Lodge.

I know, I know. How dramatic? well thats Africa for you. A land of  beautiful and dramatic structures and landscapes. The compostion of Amboseli is what i belive makes it a real charm.

Why you may ask? Well you will see mount kilimanjaro hold a majestic stance in the background while animals and creatures of all sorts bask in the park below her.

“Mount Kilimanjaro is like a shy lady” Says Karin. It hides away in modesty behind the fluff of clouds yet shows early at dawn and sometimes late at dusk. Parading a poweful aura.

Elephants of Amboseli With Kilimanjaro Behind.

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