Its 4 am. I am barey alive and functioning and we are leaving the city of Kigali to go and see the beautiful Mountain Gorillas. Ofcourse i fell a sleep on the bus on the way there and spilled coffee on ma shirt… “Cos im a responsible person clearly.”

We get to the beautiful Virunga Volcanos and we are first briefed then given the whole jing bang on the rules and reguations. After we are off!  We scale through the dense montane forests that are fresh and absolutely breath taking. Just beautiful.

After a few hours wecome to a stop. The rangers ask us to leave our bags and a few meters up a baby gorila pops out. It was an adorable fluff of beauty, we walk in further and soon more pop up. Then sitting in his mighy aura was the great Silver Back. Gahinga is his name, This is the complete make up of the Amohoro Family and we are litrally in their home. The experience was incredible. Just looking into their eyes and coming to understand that is is the only natural habitat left for it in the entire world! How threatened and endengered they are.

I thought things couldnt get any better but oh they sure did. The Silver back begins to approach my aunt and I. We are way to slow to get out of his way soon enough and boop. He smacks right into us leaving us to tumble to the groud. I didnt feel scared  in that very moment for some reason, like Rupi said… oddly there was this feelingof trust. “I know he wouldn’t hurt me”

Although later i was like YO WHAT JUST HAPPENED!



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