Whats Up? Mr. Hornbill.

A box was delived to my house one moring. It sat on the door mat and moved. Yup it moved. So i opened it up and right there sat a squished and scared hornbill. My Aunt, Rupi, had seni t siting on the roadand had an AskariĀ deliver it. All sorts of theories went around… Was it electrocuted by one of the powerlines that had gone KABOOM the other day or was it because it hit into something.

I wracked my mind and my heart as to what i would do. I thought well, it must be hungry. So i got onto the internet and did a lil research on exactly what it was they ate; Fruitsand bug. Perfect. I got out some grae and using my mums chapati flipper and i tried to feed it. Yes yes it ACTUALLY WORKED!

Soon i had help comin my way. The Raptor Rehab centre came to pick it up and son gthey were off. The bird had no physical injuries and al its bones were intact. Not a scratch on him.


The bird had consumed some food product that had been sprayed with insectisides which led it to obtain Organophosphate Poisoning.

A days later he died.


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