Have you ever truly felt lost? I have realized that everyone who loves reading always cooks up a magical life in their minds.Beautiful. Dramatic. Deep. Emotional. Lively. Special. Different.

I am that person.

In my mind when i am like 50, i am going to live in a forest, doing Yoga with my Dog and own a tree house with a library. Crisp and fresh.  Yup kinda unrealistic. kinda odd.

What will i do before i get to 50? TRAVEL. I want to experience and loose myself to diverse cultures. I want to indulge in every single cuisine. I want to walk every edge of the oceans and seas. I want to immerse myself in their cool chilling water bodies.

Imagine this; Sitting on a boat and bopping along calmly. In that moment you wouldn’t think of it but the reality is that just underneath you is a whole new world. Life and mystery beyond the knowledge of human kind. This to me, is liberating. It is exhilarating because it proves that their is always more…

Thus i believe i have not truly discovered myself. There is more… to me than i can explain and that is why i believe that i am lost.



Happy Birthday to Nairobi National Park. The first ever national park to be within a capital city in the entire world is celebrating 70 years of life. YASS! I know. Although it is completely under siege as it is slowly trickling down and disappearing as the urban spread grows. So much valuable land belonging to animals has been snatched to a point that the giraffes are now endangered. Yes. You heard me. The Giraffes are now considered to be amongst the long list of threatened species and with the SGR railway supposedly taking its route through the park which is invading good breeding grounds for several animals what more could we lose?

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Look into the horizon… fragments of the draught can be seen, showcased with large amounts of dust lifting into the air and swirling into mini tornados. They form dancing devils beacause oh trust me you dont want to get stuck in that, i tell you, not that its as dangerous as an actaul Tornado but its quite painful for your eyes and skin with dust particles and sand smacking against you. Although it creates a beautiful scenery for a hot afternoon here in the wild as i stare out from my balcony in Kibo villa at Ol Tukai Lodge.

I know, I know. How dramatic? well thats Africa for you. A land of  beautiful and dramatic structures and landscapes. The compostion of Amboseli is what i belive makes it a real charm.

Why you may ask? Well you will see mount kilimanjaro hold a majestic stance in the background while animals and creatures of all sorts bask in the park below her.

“Mount Kilimanjaro is like a shy lady” Says Karin. It hides away in modesty behind the fluff of clouds yet shows early at dawn and sometimes late at dusk. Parading a poweful aura.

Elephants of Amboseli With Kilimanjaro Behind.

Whats Up? Mr. Hornbill.

A box was delived to my house one moring. It sat on the door mat and moved. Yup it moved. So i opened it up and right there sat a squished and scared hornbill. My Aunt, Rupi, had seni t siting on the roadand had an Askari deliver it. All sorts of theories went around… Was it electrocuted by one of the powerlines that had gone KABOOM the other day or was it because it hit into something.

I wracked my mind and my heart as to what i would do. I thought well, it must be hungry. So i got onto the internet and did a lil research on exactly what it was they ate; Fruitsand bug. Perfect. I got out some grae and using my mums chapati flipper and i tried to feed it. Yes yes it ACTUALLY WORKED!

Soon i had help comin my way. The Raptor Rehab centre came to pick it up and son gthey were off. The bird had no physical injuries and al its bones were intact. Not a scratch on him.


The bird had consumed some food product that had been sprayed with insectisides which led it to obtain Organophosphate Poisoning.

A days later he died.


Its 4 am. I am barey alive and functioning and we are leaving the city of Kigali to go and see the beautiful Mountain Gorillas. Ofcourse i fell a sleep on the bus on the way there and spilled coffee on ma shirt… “Cos im a responsible person clearly.”

We get to the beautiful Virunga Volcanos and we are first briefed then given the whole jing bang on the rules and reguations. After we are off!  We scale through the dense montane forests that are fresh and absolutely breath taking. Just beautiful.

After a few hours wecome to a stop. The rangers ask us to leave our bags and a few meters up a baby gorila pops out. It was an adorable fluff of beauty, we walk in further and soon more pop up. Then sitting in his mighy aura was the great Silver Back. Gahinga is his name, This is the complete make up of the Amohoro Family and we are litrally in their home. The experience was incredible. Just looking into their eyes and coming to understand that is is the only natural habitat left for it in the entire world! How threatened and endengered they are.

I thought things couldnt get any better but oh they sure did. The Silver back begins to approach my aunt and I. We are way to slow to get out of his way soon enough and boop. He smacks right into us leaving us to tumble to the groud. I didnt feel scared  in that very moment for some reason, like Rupi said… oddly there was this feelingof trust. “I know he wouldn’t hurt me”

Although later i was like YO WHAT JUST HAPPENED!